Glided Six-Bits

The Gilded Six-Bits was one of stories that kind of messed me up lol. It is a sweet and touching love story but there are parts that should’ve been handle better or shall I how I would’ve handle it. The narrator makes you fall in love with the way Joe and Missie May loved each other. Their relationship was real and you could picture the love they shared. I was very disappointed in Missie May’s actions. I guess that’s how some women are. If I were old Joe, I would’ve made Missie May leave!! I would’ve got rid of her ASAP and her stuff without any sympathy. I understand Missie May was only trying to get some gold for her husband, but its certain things a wife just don’t do or should do. Joe has every right to act the way he does towards Missie May for her actions. Missie May slowly killed everything they built and  she regrets it. Towards the end of the story, Joe found the courage to forgive Missie May and move on with their life. I could never forgive someone for hurting me. Joe just shows how strong his love is for his wife. Missie May is pregnant and their relationship is beginning to become normal again.

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