I know Hitler was the leader of the Nazi concentration camps. Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews and had power over a lot of people. Jews were sent to the camps. The people were to bring all their stuff and were told they would receive. The Jews had to shave their heads because of the gas chamber. I also know that the Jews were told they were going to shower which was the gas chamber. In class we watched some of the videos of survivors. It was so sad and hurtful knowing that innocent people went through that hell. I just started thinking like that could’ve been me and so thankful and blessed. My heart goes out to those survivors. People suffered from dehydration and were not eating like they should have. People were just skin and bone, it was shocking. Jews worked long hours thinking they would be set free, but only worked to die. Its hard to believe someone can be that powerful and kill so many people and not care at all. Hitler didn’t have heart, and out of all those people no one stood up to say that this is awful and wrong or try to put an end to it. SMH

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