Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Gas Chamber

Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Gas Chamber” is one of those stories that will mess you up about the Holocaust. I did like the story even though it was tough to read and I truly felt sorry for the characters. I liked the story because all of it is true!! This is history and stuff like this catches my attention and I learn something new every time about this. I don’t see myself in being in the shoes of the people loading or unloading the people or even killing them. I don’t think or know if something so terribly like that. The way things have been going on or how things are who possibly knows where our world is going to be at. But I don’t think anything that bad will ever happen again or another . People know now how awful it was and it would be hard to fool and lie to people now like they were then.


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December 10, 2013 · 3:09 am

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