The story “Metamorphosis” is about a boy transforming into a man. However, since he never really became a man, he turned into a bug instead and died as a bug. He was still unable to risk out on his own. He needed someone to be on his side the whole time. When he was a bug he was still being taken care of. He didn’t even want to crawl out of the window to get help or etc, he just wanted to stay in his comfort zone. It is something we all go through. For some people or young people, it is exciting to move out on your own. When you’re own your own and your parents aren’t around to help or pay your phone bill or rent, that’s when reality kicks you in the butt and thats when you wanna go back home to mama and pops. But that’s a part of life and growing up. Your parents cant do everything for your entire life. Parents have to let go their kids and let them experience life for themselves in order to survive in this world. No one isn’t going to be on your side holding your hand your every step. I think that’s what the story Metamorphosis is all about.

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